About Us

Crop-To-Kitchen is a grassroots trade organization advocating for the legalization of cannabis cuisine across the United States. Our Executive and Advisory Boards are made up of some of the leading voices in the culinary cannabis industry. Together, we connect up-and-coming culinary cannabis professionals with brands and other industry players, produce educational community-focused events, and work directly with legislators and policymakers to create sensible regulations that will allow the culinary cannabis industry to flourish. 

We dream of a day when cannabis restaurants are a nation-wide trend, and when edibles products can more closely resemble food than candy. We believe that coming together and advocating for these issues firsthand is the best way for us to evoke change. Join us!

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Meet the Leadership Team

The Crop-To-Kitchen leadership boards are stacked with some of the biggest and brightest names in the culinary cannabis space. Our leadership team is dedicated to this cause and aims to be a resource to newcomers in the space. Please reach out to us if there's any way we can help you move your own businesses forward. 


Meet the Members

Our members are our community. From culinary cannabis professionals who have been longtime advocates in the space, to up-and-coming canna-chefs and event producers, to edibles-makers in non-legal markets who want to get a leg up on compliance, our members are a diverse group of engaged individuals who believe that cannabis has a place at the dining table. 

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