What We're Advocating For

While community is at our core, Crop-to-Kitchen is first and foremost an advocacy group fighting for the legalization of cannabis cuisine. There are many hurdles specific to the culinary cannabis space, and it is our mission to raise awareness about these challenges and work with legislators and regulators to create change and help all aspects of the culinary cannabis industry thrive. 


Onsite Consumption

You can enjoy a glass of wine with your steak, but what if you preferred a Blue Dream pre-roll with your dinner? Currently, the City of West Hollywood is the only municipality in the country that has allowed for licensed cannabis cafes to open. We believe that cannabis has a place at the dining table and that the cannabis restaurant experience is essential to the growth and education of the cannabis consumer base. We are actively advocating to expand this model to other markets and improve its implementation.


Expanding Edibles 

Stringent regulations on the pre-packaged edibles industry has resulted in a marketplace flooded with products that more closely resemble candy than food. We are advocating for the expansion of culinary cannabis categories by addressing problems in the regulations and supply chain that have severely limited the variety of products available to the consumer. We are mindful that for many, cannabis is medicine, and we believe that consumers have the right to access a wider variety of products than is currently available in the marketplace. 


Paths to Compliance

Even in legal states such as California, there is no true path to compliance for cannabis chefs and culinary-focused event producers. The lack of licensing opportunities, combined with an extremely high barrier to entry, has created a gray space wherein these operators cannot be fully compliant. This opens these professionals up for a variety of liability issues, and keeps these businesses from becoming truly scalable and successful. We believe in advocating for additional license types and opportunities for cannabis professionals in future regulatory considerations.