Policy Initiatives

Crop-to-Kitchen is focused on a wide variety of regulatory issues that are important to our community. Each of these policy initiatives affects our members' businesses and their ability to thrive, grow, and scale. If there's a policy initiative you don't see here that you think we need to address, please email info@croptokitchen.com.


Current key issues we are advocating for include:

  • Onsite Consumption: While the City of West Hollywood has become the first municipality in the country to allow the onsite consumption of cannabis in a restaurant environment, state and local laws do not align to allow these businesses to operate successfully under current regulations. While AB 1465 is currently stalled, these businesses cannot sell food and cannabis on the same premises, and there is currently a battle over how much product can be sold under the "onsite consumption" license these businesses hold. We believe that these operational hurdles are the result of regulatory oversight developed by politicians working outside the culinary cannabis industry. We believe that as professionals in this space, Crop-to-Kitchen can guide future municipalities to develop sensible onsite consumption licensing opportunities and best practices. We believe that these businesses, and others in future markets, deserve an opportunity to be successful, and we are actively advocating for the expansion of the cannabis cafe model. 

  • Developing a Path to Compliance: While the culinary cannabis community has made great strides in normalizing cannabis and penetrating the mainstream media and consumer marketplace, there are no real compliant, licensing opportunities for culinary cannabis professionals. There is no "cannabis chef" license, and event licenses are designed only for large-scale corporate affairs that are not realistically achieved by small business owners. Because these businesses cannot obtain licenses, they are disallowed from cannabis-accepting insurance policies, which only work with licensed operators. This puts these professionals at great personal liability. We believe that culinary cannabis professionals have the right to operate within the legal recreational marketplace. We believe that the expansion of license types to include more flexible event licensing and live infusions are essential for the growth of this industry. 

  • Expanding the Edibles Marketplace: Existing regulations regarding both testing requirements and ingredient limitations for the edibles marketplace have reduced the edibles category drastically. We believe that cannabis cuisine can heal and nourish the body and soul, and we believe that consumers deserve access to products that more closely resemble food than candy. We believe that "live infusion," or adding a pre-tested, compliant product to a freshly baked cake, or added atop a dish should not require additional testing and a manufacturing license. We believe that sensible, safe regulations can allow cannabis to become a fixture in the culinary space.